aevaCMB User’s Guide

aevaCMB Concepts


Resources are containers to store annotations or geometries.


Attributes are features (properties, ontologies, etc.) that can be associated with geometry resources and stored as annotations.


Operations are actions performed on a resource (primarly geometry) and include selection of regions, mesh operations, export, freeform annotation, etc.

aevaCMB Panels

Attribute Editor

Attribute Editor provides a gateway to template annotations that can be assigned to geometry resources, e.g. tissue type, organ, etc.


Displays details about datasets in the Resource Panel such as number of cells, points, and other file statistics.


Operations provide a list of all available actions for the selected resource or its regions (defined sets). One can view all operations by unchecking “limit by selection”. When an operation is selected (either from the operation panel or using one of the toolbar shortcuts), relevant Operation editor will appear under the Operations panel where the user can provide inputs. See aevaCMB Operations for a list.

Output Messages

When operations are performed, output messages appear in this panel to inform the user of success or failure.


This panel is inherited from Paraview. It can help change visualization settings for a given resource.

aevaCMB Operations

A variety of operations are categorized with access points:

  • Region selection and editing

    • At RenderView toolbar

      • Select Cells On

      • Select Points On

      • Select Cells with Polygon

      • Select Points with Polygon

    • At Main toolbar

      • Grow to edges

      • Select by surface normal

      • Select by proximity

      • Select by adjacency

      • Select all surface primitives

      • Select the nodes of all selected primitives

      • Duplicate cells

      • Intersect side sets

      • Subtract side sets

      • Unite side sets

      • Unreferenced primitives

  • Annotation

    • At Operations panel

      • Associate

      • Dissociate

      • Edit freeform attributes

  • Mesh/geometry modification

    • At Main toolbar

      • Reconstruct surface

      • Smooth surface

      • Quadratic promotion

      • Proportional Edit

      • Imprint Geometry

    • At Operations panel

      • NetgenSurfaceRemesher

      • VolumeMesher

  • Volume Inspector *At Operations panel

  • File loading, import/export

    • At File drop-down menu

      • Open…

      • Import Into Resource…

      • Save Resource

      • Save Resource As..

      • Load All Resources…

      • Save All Resources As…

    • At Operation panel

      • Import

      • Export